Don’t Give Up: How to Get Back to Your Sport After Time Away

Getting back to sports and exercise after spending time away can be hard both mentally and physically. You may be ready to jump back into it full steam ahead, but it could take some time to adjust. Here are some tips to help you get back into the groove, from taking CBD cream post-workout to chill out to switching up how you exercise and train.


Write Down Goals

Before you start, write down your goals. Do you want to get back to where you were before you stopped exercising? You may be a few years older, and it might be harder to compete with your younger self, so make sure your goals are attainable. Your goals should be realistic about where you are now in life. Do you want to compete in a race or marathon, or just be able to keep up with the local pick-up game of basketball?


Get Motivated

It can be hard, starting exercise or sports after time away. Find an exercise partner or a teammate to train with. You can share knowledge between the two of you while motivating each other. It could be someone like you, who wants to get back into the sport, or just a friend or family member who wants to get in better shape.


Dip Your Toes Into Cardio

Start slow. Before your hiatus, you may have run five miles every day. After time away, this is probably not achievable since your body is no longer used to the workout. Instead, walk for two miles. Progress up to longer walks, then start jogging, and then back to running.


Start with Low-Intensity Exercise

When getting back to your sport, take it easy. Start with low intensity when exercising. When weight training, lighten the load. Start off even lighter than you think you need, even if it seems too easy. You need to retrain your body and readapt to exercise. You are probably going to be sore after your workout, even if it would have been easy before you took time off from sports or exercise. Many people turn to cannabis lotion for pain post-workout.


Some Discomfort Is OK

No matter what you do, you are likely going to have some discomfort. Some discomfort or soreness is fine. Pushing through some soreness can help your progress. However, check in with how you feel consistently. You might find that you need to take it easier, or, if you’re not really feeling it, you might have started too gently. You want to find that satisfying burn sweet spot. Some people also use anti-inflammatory cream following a workout. It helps them chill out and wind down from the workout.


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