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May 01, 2016

This past Spring, the Apothecanna team decamped to Los Angeles to unveil our West Coast line of products. We set up shop downtown, just a few blocks from the infamous Skid Row, and designed a unique pop-up studio to welcome the local community of friends, neighbors and the musicians, artists, makers and creatives from across the cultural divide that call LA their home.

The artist Grant Shumate, a former Yves Saint Laurent creative, was one of those artists and we were fortunate enough to participate in his upcoming gallery exhibition, Easy, at Hou Yee Chan Gallery. Easy was attractive to us because it subverted the traditional gallery experience offering each viewer to acclimate to the gallery environment before engaging with his artwork. To that effect, he limited the number of gallery viewers at one time to just 6 people.

Los Angeles based critic and raconteur Shelly Holcombe of Curate LA, wrote,

Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a host and asked to sit in a designated area of the exhibition where you’re given items to assist you in acclimating to the space: water, cold sake, cigarettes, and a soothing lotion. The lotion, made by Apothecanna for pain relief, contains peppermint, juniper, arnica and cannabis. It doesn’t get you stoned, but by applying the lotion to your skin you are immediately made to feel more relaxed and more attuned to your immediate surroundings. The ultimate effect is that with the aid of these extra components you’re able to let go of any outside influence that you came in with and experience the exhibition with a clear mind, focused view and renewed senses.

Shumate’s artwork recalled these soothing elements plus yoga blocks, medicine cabinets, and imagery sourced from self-help manuals - all objects and ideas that speak to restoration and renewal, ideas that also speak to Apothecanna. Our products, our recipes, our packaging and entire brand experience is based on healing and simplicity. As chemists and botanists, our commitment to the cannabis plant ensures that everything we test and touch makes the lives of our customers more peaceful, more calming, with less pain and anxiety hindering them. We believe that cannabis will have much to say to the artists and makers that create the world around us, and we’re excited to have been a part of that conversation alongside Grant and Hou Yee Chan.

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