When times are tough and you feel overwhelmed, take some time to unwind with these products from Apothecanna. Whether you’ve finished a hard workout, a tough day at work, or your skin is feeling dry, these soothing CBD blends can help you unwind.


Kick Back with Calming Cream

Work is done for the day, you are home, and it’s time to unwind. Grab your Calming CBD cream from Apothecanna and get ready to unwind. Breathe in the woody aroma of the CBD cream, and the scents will help you relax as you apply it. It’s great if you have someone to massage the cream in, giving you a relaxation bonus while the CBD cream helps to moisturize. It’s made with lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and CBD, which work harmoniously.


Soothe Muscles with Relieving Lotion

Exercise is a great way to get out of your own head and regain focus. Too much exercise, however, can mean overworking your muscles. Soothe tired muscles with Apothecanna’s Relieving CBD lotion for pain. The lotion uses the power of botanicals to ease discomfort while soothing dry, distressed skin. If you refrigerate the lotion beforehand, it will provide an extra cooling sensation. The key ingredients are arnica, peppermint, juniper, and CBD, and it gives off a minty, fresh scent.


Use a Salve for Dry Skin

All sorts of things can lead to dry, cracked skin. Apothecanna’s CBD salve creates a protective barrier for your skin, locking in moisture, and keeping your skin hydrated. With the Super Salve, your skin can feel and look its best. Cleanse your skin and then gently massage a pea-sized portion of the Super Salve over the problem area. It’s great for chapped skin, dry knees and elbows, raw knuckles, cracked heels, and more. The Super Salve has a soft and silky skin feel, using the plant-based power of frankincense, myrrh, and green tea combined with CBD to produce a minty, earthy aroma.


Enjoy a Bath Soak

Revive your tired muscles, and enjoy a nice bath with an Apothecanna bath soak. The bath soak combines mineral salts and essential oils, helping you unwind. It is made with arnica, juniper, peppermint, Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, and CBD. As part of the Extra Strength collection from Apothecanna, the bath soak packs double the active ingredients compared to the Relieving line, utilizing maximum strength essential oils. With a minty, fresh aroma and a soft skin feel, you’ll be ready to kick up your feet and put yourself at ease.


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