Pain Relief Set

Treat your body to ultimate pain relief with the Apothecanna Pain Relief Set, starring Extra Strength. We doubled the dose of arnica, peppermint, juniper, and cannabis in our original Relieving line. Our most powerful formula tackles the most severe aches and pains.

Our products work stand alone while providing heightened relief when combined together. Use during massage or body care to soothe hard-to-reach sore muscles, sprains, strains, swollen joints and weather-exposed skin.

Save up To 20% When You Bundle:

$52.20 | 2oz Creme + Spray ($58 value = 10% Savings)
$83.30 | 8oz Creme + Spray ($98 value = 15% Savings)
$95.20 | 2oz Creme + Spray + Body Oil ($112 value = 15% Savings)
$121.60 | 8oz Creme + Spray + Oil ($152 value = 20% Savings)
$168 | 8oz Creme + Spray + Oil + 2oz Creme + Oil Rollerball + Bath Soak ($210 value = 20% Savings)

Extra Strength Body Creme

Moisturizing body creme loaded with healing, anti-inflammatory plant extracts. Relieve even the most stubborn aches and pains with maximum coverage and quick absorption. Massage into areas of pain and discomfort for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Total Cannabinoids

8oz | 400MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

2oz | 100MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

Extra Strength Body Spray

Fast-acting, ache-and pain-relieving body spray formulated with healing essential oils and plant extracts. The handy spray bottle lets you take it everywhere and apply it anywhere. Spray 1-2 mists on areas of discomfort. Use before and after athletic or strenuous activity.

Total Cannabinoids

2oz | 200MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

Extra Strength Body Oil

Deeply penetrating body oil with organic essential oils and anti-inflammatory plant extracts. Our body oil delivers maximum potency for targeted relief. Massage into your skin, targeting your most stubborn pain points.

Total Cannabinoids

1oz | 400MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

0.34oz | 133MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

Extra Strength Bath Soak

Our maximum strength essential oils, combined with healing mineral salts, to revive your tired muscles.

Total Cannabinoids

4oz | 50MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

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