Everyday Face & Body Oil

Nourishing CBD Oil for Face & Body

Our intensely hydrating face and body oil eliminates dryness, prevents premature aging, and balances skin tone.

What is it?

A blend of organic essential oils that work in harmony to eliminate dryness, prevent premature aging, and clarify imperfections with notes of citrus to engage the senses. Everyday Face & Body Oil is a one-stop daily regimen for radiant skin

What does it do?

The moisturizing properties of our Everyday formula work gently yet effectively to hydrate skin, leaving you glowing. The all-natural plant extracts work to cleanse pores and replenish even the most sensitive skin.

How do I use it?

Lightly massage 1-2 pumps of oil onto your face, scalp, beard, or other areas that require targeted hydration. Apply after showering to trap in moisture, and before bedtime for overnight restoration. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

Our Everyday product line uses all-natural ingredients to provide continuous hydration without causing irritation. Gentle enough to be used as a daily facial oil, the uplifting citrusy scent engages your senses while restoring your skin. We use only therapeutic-grade essential oils. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Mandarin – moisturizing, brightens skin

Geranium – de-congests clogged pores, heals scars

Cedar – antioxidant, soothes skin

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

Total Cannabinoids

1oz | 250MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

What should I expect?

Aroma: citrus, woody

Product texture: medium-weight oil

Skin feel: hydrated, softened

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.