Wellness and an active lifestyle are things that everyone should prioritize. You only get one body, so try to take care of it as best you can. Hitting the gym regularly is a great way to keep active, but there are also smaller, daily things you can do that can impact how you feel and contribute to general wellness. Here are a few tips to try out.


Take Cooldown and Rest Seriously 

Whether you run, lift weights, play in a league, or just live a generally active lifestyle, you probably take your workouts seriously. You give it your all on the trails or in the gym, but have you put much thought into your cooldown? Take your cooldown sessions and post-workout rest just as seriously as your workouts, to help you relax and make the most of your hard work.


Don’t skip your stretching, and take some extra time to bring your body gradually back to resting. Some might prefer to use an anti inflammatory cream to soothe their body after a hard training session. Others might prefer to take a long bath with a good book in hand. However you choose to rest after you stretch, take it seriously—you deserve it.


Choose the Active Route When Possible

Little things like walking the long way to work or taking the stairs can add up over time and help with your overall wellness. Sure, taking a flight of stairs over the elevator isn’t a difficult workout, but those extra steps matter. So make a fun habit of it.


Start (or Continue) Reading Labels

You might already practice this, but you’d be surprised how many of us ignore the labels of the food we eat and the products we use. It’s easy to get caught up in marketing hype and fancy packaging, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most, after all.


This isn’t to say that you need to be ultra-strict and only use products with X ingredient and Y formula (unless you want to). Instead, it’s about being more aware and proactive in your selection. So, start reading labels and making educated choices for yourself. You might fall in love with new products and add them to your daily routine.


Treat Yourself

With all of your hard work, you deserve to take a night or even a full day to yourself. Many like to make self-care Sunday their weekly day for relaxation, focusing entirely on themselves. There aren’t any rules, and you should treat yourself however you want. Whether that means hitting up the mall, sleeping in, writing in your journal, or decompressing with a lotion infused with CBDs for anxiety, the day is yours, so spend it how you see fit.


Build Healthy Habits Now

Whatever you do to improve your overall wellness, build these good habits now. Habits are incredible because once you’ve established one, it’s hard to break it. In 20 years or so, you’ll thank your younger self for building the foundation. Whether that means making healthy changes to your diet or just taking steps to keep your mind and body sharp for the future, start now, and the habits will stick with you over the years.


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