Runners put their legs through their paces. It’s a tough activity but the rewards are worth it. Some days running is tougher than others, and you may need a little help to get ready or wind down. Apothecanna’s line of creams and oils, such as their CBD salve, can help runners before and after workouts. Each product has a different purpose, but they can all help promote balance and wellness in the body and mind.


Circulating Body Oil 

Warm up before a run with Apothecanna’s Circulating Body Oil. This warming and invigorating blend of essential oils can wake up stiff muscles to help you get up and get moving. If you’re having a day where getting ready for the run feels like a chore, this oil can help make it more pleasant and get you in the mood to move. The mix of ginger, capsaicin, grapefruit, and CBD helps rejuvenate as well, making it perfect to add to your post-run routine. Expect a spicy and citrus aroma.


Relieving Body Creme 

Have some discomfort after running? Try using Apothecanna’s Relieving Body Creme, which many people use as an anti inflammatory cream. Massage the body creme onto your skin and let the natural plant extracts go to work to help ease discomfort after a workout. For an extra refreshing sensation, store the creme in the refrigerator. The Relieving Body Creme contains arnica, peppermint, juniper, and CBD. Expect a minty fresh scent that feels soft and cool on the skin.


Extra Strength Body Creme 

When the Relieving Body Creme is not enough, try Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Body Creme. This creme has double the dose of power from the original Relieving line. Cooling and invigorating, the Extra Strength Body Creme is perfect for soothing skin that’s been out in the elements while you run. Like the Relieving Body Creme, the Extra Strength Body Creme contains arnica, peppermint, juniper, and CBD. This medium-weight cream has a minty aroma and a soft, cool feeling on the skin.


All of Apothecanna’s products contain natural ingredients and original formulations. They don’t use parabens, GMOs, or artificial ingredients. The products are non-psychoactive and are not tested on animals. Since 2009, they have been on a mission to spread the wisdom and benefits of traditional plant medicine. They know how seriously you take your sport and activities, so they never cut corners, using the best plant-based ingredients for their products. Whether you’re looking for CBDs for anxiety or a soothing body lotion with natural ingredients, Apothecanna is the place to go. The brand tests each product for authenticity, purity, and concentration.


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