Any wellness and fitness aficionado knows that the secret to success is consistency. Routines can be a bit of a double-edged sword, however, since they call for doing the same things over and over and over, leading to boredom or stagnation in some cases. We’ve all been there, but there are secrets to getting your wellness routine back on track even if you don’t feel all too inspired. Here are a few tips.


Switch Up Your Morning Products

Sometimes the best way to improve your wellness routine is to make changes from the start. Our morning routines often set the tone for the day, and if your products are getting a little mundane or ineffective lately, make a switch and see if it helps.


Whether that means trying out cannabis lotion for pain or other complaints, or taking cold showers instead of hot ones, the choice is yours. Everyone’s routine is different, so only you will know if a switch is working. Regardless, try starting your mornings out a little differently and see what sticks.



One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your wellness and fitness routine back on track is to try something new. If you’ve been doing the same activity, whether it’s jogging, walking, yoga, or something else for months on end, it can get a little repetitive. The beauty of fitness and wellness is there isn’t only one way to achieve both. You can mix up your routine with different exercises that can excite your mind and body, all while achieving the same results.


If you’re a runner, maybe try lifting weights a couple of times out of the week and see how it makes you feel. Or maybe try out a spin class with a friend if the treadmill has become a little lonely. The same goes for the products you use as well, as sometimes just swapping out your daily essentials for natural alternatives can do wonders for your overall wellness.


Get Closer to Nature 

There’s a reason that people across millennia have found their life force in nature. There’s a connection between us and the natural world, and as we move further and further away from nature, it starts to take its toll on our wellness. Turn it around by spending more time connecting with nature. From running outside instead of using the treadmill, to using products with more natural ingredients, getting your wellness routine as close to nature can have loads of benefits.


On a side note, If you decide to use a CBD lotion for pain or other reason, make sure that the ingredients are close to nature themselves. CBD is great, but the best formulas will meld it with other wildcrafted ingredients for maximum benefits straight from nature.


About Apothecanna

When you read the ingredients label on an Apothecanna product, you’ll know that each ingredient is there for a reason. Apothecanna believes in ingredients with a purpose, which means that essentially every ingredient is “active” in the formula, and you can expect to see results from the formula as a whole. The company is on a mission to spread the ancient wisdom and benefits of traditional plant-based wellness, and they’ve been doing so since their founding in 2009. Apothecanna products are made using premium botanical and wildcrafted ingredients, so you’re getting the best that nature has to offer. In addition, they third-party test all of their products for consistency, quality, purity, and concentration. They offer a variety of wellness essentials, including a CBD cream, body oil, bath soak, and much more on their website.


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