The New Year is almost here, or has already begun, depending on when you’re reading this. Most people have a list of resolutions they want to keep this year, some more realistic than others. Your resolutions should promote positivity, productivity, good health, and overall wellness, but the key is also making them achievable and sustainable. Small changes can make a big difference to your everyday wellness! Here are some good resolutions to add to the list—plus, they’re all totally achievable too.


Get Enough Rest

It’s a shame how many people prioritize other things over one of the body’s most essential processes—sleep! You need it to crush your goals, so do whatever you can to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours. Even if it means setting a super early bedtime for yourself, put shut-eye first, and your body will thank you.


Stay in Touch with Your Favorite People

Although not as flashy as starting a new gym membership or traveling across the world, this resolution could be just as important for your overall wellness. Friends and family are the backbones that support us in everything we do. Although work and schedules can get in the way, this year, be proactive in maintaining your relationships and reconnecting with old friends.


Create or Perfect a Skincare Routine

Unfortunately, many of us let our skincare routines take a backseat, which is a shame as they’re particularly important. This year, either revamp your skincare routine or start a new one altogether. Try a variety of different products to determine what works for you. Some people like to use a cannabis lotion for pain or ultra-moisturizing creams, for instance.


Reduce Stress in Your Life

Stress is everywhere, and it loves to appear when we need it the least. From work to personal stress, it’s hard to avoid it altogether, but there are ways to limit it. It all starts by adopting a stress-free mindset and not letting little things get to you. This year, commit to reducing stress wherever you can, and you’ll likely feel better overall.


Try New Things

Growth never happens in the comfort zone, but it can be hard to take that leap and try something new and adventurous. Growth is a mindset you can adopt by making it a daily mission. Whether it means trying new products like CBDs for anxiety or signing up for that hot yoga class you’ve been too nervous to try, 2020 is the year for growth, and by trying new things, you’ll make it happen.


Find a Challenge 

We perform better when we push ourselves. Challenges and goals are key to improving your overall wellness, and many like to challenge themselves to new things every month or so. That challenge could be running a marathon, writing in your journal every day, or going a full month without TV. Whatever it is, choose a challenge that’s well, challenging, so you have something new to drive toward.


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