Calming Creme

find your zen.

What it is
Nourish your body with our vegan, plant based body creme. Glides on head-to-toe for the ultimate self-care treatment.

What it does
Find your zen. Breathe deep and enjoy our ultra-relaxing blend of lavender, frankincense and chamomile. Send your body and mind to a meditative place. Say Ohm.

Who it is for
All skin types. Ideal for times of stress and to calm the body and the mind.

Key Ingredients
Lavender – analgesic, soothing
Chamomile – analgesic, soothing
Frankincense – analgesic, antiseptic antispasmodic, astringent

How to use
Massage desired amount from top to toe, focusing on areas holding tension. Apply directly to temples, chest and pulse points to relieve anxiety and in times of extreme stress. Use after physical activity and before bedtime to relax the body and calm the mind. Breathe in deep after use.

What sets it apart
Intense moisture, relieves stress, restores balance.

What to expect
Aroma: woody, resinous
Product texture: medium weight cream
Skin feel: hydrated, calming