Circulating Leg & Foot Oil

The Heat is On

What it is
Formulated with double the plant power to help stimulate blood flow throughout the body. The warming sensation of capsaicin is joined by the anti-inflammatory strength of ginger and grapefruit. Together they awaken tired limbs while relieving inflammation.

Who is it for
Ideal for athletes, travelers and anyone looking to help increase circulation.

What it does
Warming botanical extracts capsaicin, ginger and grapefruit help stimulate blood flow to awaken tired limbs.

Key Ingredients
avocado oil – antioxidant, vitamin rich, hydrating
ginger – analgesic, stimulant
capsaicin– warming, anti-inflammatory
grapefruit– antiseptic, antidepressant
calendula – anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

How to use
Best used prior to physical activity or as a morning wake up call to help stimulate blood flow throughout the body, reinvigorating legs, feet and hands.

Where does it go?
Awaken the body. Simply apply to legs, feet, hands and anywhere that needs warming up so you can keep going.

What sets it apart
Intense moisture, warming sensation, helps stimulate blood flow.

What to expect
aroma: citrus, spicy
product texture: medium-weight oil
skin feel: quickly absorbed, hydrated, supple

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.