Everyday Deodorant Spray

smell amazing – our all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant keeps you smelling fresh and clean all day, every day.

Don't sweat it. Everyday Deodorant Spray is 100% natural, yet just as effective as its chemical counterparts. The active ingredient, zinc ricinoleate, neutralizes odor molecules, while the uplifting botanicals of mandarin, geranium, and cedar blend to form a clean, fresh scent pleasing on both men and women.

What it is
A refreshing, all-natural alternative to chemically based deodorants and antiperspirants. Formulated and tested to make even the most active users true believers. 

Who it is for 
Health-conscious people looking to replace harmful aluminum-based deodorants without compromising effectiveness.

What it does
Blocks odor naturally, along with a fresh-smelling, uplifting mist of essential oils.

Key Ingredients
Zinc Ricinoleate – odor neutralizer
Mandarin – fresh scent, moisturizing
Geranium – anti-inflammatory, unclogs pores
Cedar – antiseptic, skin-soothing

How to use
Spritz 1-2 pumps under each arm and go about your daily routine. Reapply every 6-8 hours, or more frequently in situations of heavy perspiration. Apply post-shower for best results.

Where it goes
Under arms. Everyday Deodorant Spray may also be used as a fabric and room freshener! 

What sets it apart
The natural zinc salt binds molecules formed by bacteria during perspiration, neutralizing odor. The effectiveness of the deodorant without the unwanted side effects of plugging sweat ducts or creating toxic buildup has set the bar for a new industry standard. 

What to expect
aroma: citrusy, woodsy
product texture: quick-drying mist
skin feel: weightless. may irritate freshly shaven skin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.