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Take to the woods with 2-in-1 protection that naturally repels bugs while relieving pre-existing bites.

What is it?

A fresh, clean, and chemical-free alternative to traditional bug sprays that contain DEET and other toxic chemicals.

What does it do?

This perfect balance of essential oil fend offs insects with natural, plant-based repellents while simultaneously soothing existing bites.

How do I use it?

Spray liberally on exposed skin, hair and clothing prior to going outdoors. Reapply every two to three hours or as needed. Spray on existing insect bites to relieve itchiness and inflammation. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

2-in-1 action. Repels bugs and relieves itchy bites without the unpleasant fumes, sticky residue, or synthetic chemicals that contaminate soil and water and seep into skin. The handy spray bottle targets hard-to-reach areas and is ideal for on-the-go. We use only food-grade essential oils. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Citronella – insect repellent, antiseptic

Eucalyptus – natural pesticide, healing agent

Tea tree – sanitizing, soothes inflammation

Peppermint – cooling, relieves skin irritation

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

What should I expect?

Aroma: citrus, woody

Product texture: light, evaporative mist

Skin feel: weightless, not tacky or sticky

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Bug & Bite Insect Spray

  1. Review by Lon (verified owner)

    Mosquitoes are out of control here in Texas lately. This solves all of my problems when I want to sit outdoors in peace. I lightly mist on my clothing and legs and the smell is very earthy and pleasant and the bugs stay away!
    I’m not sure this is the intended use, but we also sprayed this in our garage where some critters where getting in and this stopped them from returning. It’s very good at repelling and so much better than those chemical filled toxic options available in supermarkets. I will for sure be buying this all the time!

  2. Review by Star (verified owner)

    This stuff might work in Colorado, but it does not work in a more humid state. In fact – I think it attracts misquotes! I have gotten bit more than any previous year since using this product. I feel like I wasted a bunch of money when I could have easily just put citronella oil on my wrists with probably better results. In a dry climate without many bugs, this is cute – but it I feel ripped off after buying such an over priced product, that doesn’t even work- which is not usually the case with this company. Disappointed.

  3. Review by James (verified owner)

    Use after getting bit as well as before the bugs even come out.

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