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Calm-inducing essential oils are added to our moisturizing creme base, creating a soft, silky lotion that soothes and relaxes the mind and body.

What is it?

Moisturizing body cream fortified with healing essential oils that ease tension and soothe inflammatory skin conditions.

What does it do?

Our Calming formula reduces stress levels and the symptoms that arise from physical and mental distress. Its therapeutic properties alleviate anxiety, relieve headaches, ease mental strain, and quell skin irritation and flare-ups.

How do I use it?

Smooth creme over your hands, neck, and temples, focusing on where you hold tension. Use regularly on areas where you experience skin irritation or inflammation. Breathe in the aroma for an immediate peaceful, easy feeling. Combine with Calming Mind Body Oil during massage or body work for ultimate relaxation. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

Our Calming product line combines an unprecedented blend of spirit-soothing ingredients that work together to relax and restore harmony. The moisturizing cream provides added relief from skin inflammation and irritation. We use only food-grade essential oils. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, not tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Lavender – eases stress, focuses the mind

Chamomile – promotes relaxation, soothes irritation

Frankincense – relieves anxiety, natural sedative

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

Total Cannabinoids

8oz | 160MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

2oz | 40MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

What should I expect?

Aroma: woody, resinous

Product texture: medium-weight cream

Skin feel: hydrating, soothing

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Calming Mind Body Creme

  1. Review by Judith (verified owner)

    I love the feel of this product and I truly believe it has calming effects. I use it on the back of my neck along with Extra Strength Spray since this area loves extra attention. Just a small amount does the trick!

  2. Review by SALLY COOPER (verified owner)

    I have been using the lotion as a bedtime moisturizer and find that I am sleeping well (not that I had too much difficulty before) and my husband doesn’t object to the smell, which he would do if there was a scent he found too strong!!

  3. Review by tate.charlene (verified owner)

    I received a sample of this lotion at a fitness conference and couldn’t believe how great it worked for relieving stress. I then decided to look it up and purchased a small bottle. I rub it into my feet every night and I sleep soundly and without waking up numerous times. The scent is very pleasing. I notice that after I rub/massage it into my feet, I feel much more relaxed, and then want to go to bed shortly there after. I am now purchasing the larger bottle. I have used other lotions, but every time I use this one, the same thing happens – CALM and tranquil sleep and rest. Fantastic product.

  4. Review by efrem alvarez (verified owner)

    this one is my favorite for my joint paint and tension headaches .

  5. Review by Lon (verified owner)

    This lotion is essential to my nightly routine to wind down and relax. For me, the lavender smell mixed with the other oils is so calming it just clears my mind and helps me prepare to fall asleep. I use this lotion on my arms chest and face. Great for skin and the smell is dreamy. I highly recommend this for any and all relaxation and stress reducing needs.

  6. Review by Kate T. (verified owner)

    Wow, I’m in love with this stuff. I’ve been putting this lotion on nightly and I’ve been out without minutes. My boyfriend has even noticed that I’ve been passing out a lot faster than normal. As someone with anxiety and a running mind at night it’s not always easy for me to sleep but man does this stuff do the trick. I recently purchased the daily lotion as well and the smell is amazing. Please never stop making this stuff.

  7. Review by Savannah Peyton (verified owner)

    Within 5 minutes after using the lotion, I felt extremely tranquil and calm. The scent is very pleasant. I would highly recommend.

  8. Review by R. (verified owner)

    I’ve used this lotion for about a year, purchasing a small amount then ordering a larger supply. It spreads and is absorbed quickly and easily and really helps calm pain, especially in feet and muscles. Highly recommend it.

  9. Review by Debbie Basinger (verified owner)

    I was excited to find this product as I get very anxious feelings through out day and night. First time I just it I had a reaction. Not sure why or what caused it. I use Extra Strength Relieving Crème everyday and all day. I am going to try again as there isn’t anything really in it that should give me any issues

  10. Review by Donna (verified owner)

    I am using this to help me sleep at night. I put some on my
    toes, temples and back of neck. I feel like I am sleeping much
    deeper so it’s been great!

  11. Review by Tina (verified owner)

    I had purchased the 2 fl oz and wish now I had gotten more. We have very bad arthritis in our hands and this product is quick and greaseless and smells wonderful. It is very Calming. It is so worth it.

  12. Review by Amanda (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I bought it for muscle spasms, but tried it on a relatively fresh burn scar, and it made it (almost) disappear within a few weeks. Since then, I use it as a daily facial moisturizer, and my (very sensitive) skin is so much clearer and younger looking. Please don’t ever change it!

  13. Review by Joel Francis (verified owner)

    I tried this the day after a fall. Back was hurting and nothing was really helping. I tried Apothecanna via a friend and was blown away at how fast it went into action and how long it lasted. Within 20 minutes of application the pain was gone. I was…

  14. Review by Lucretia Smith (verified owner)

    I have been diagnosed with raynauds syndrome in my hands and peripheral neuropathy in both hands and feet…the dr. put me on gabapentin and there’s a difference in my feet and a nitroglycerin ointment for my hands(it worked somewhat, but then I bought the apothecanna calming cream!! Wow!! Is all I can say!! My hands feel and work better! Before the cream, I couldn’t bend my index finger at all…now I can.my hands not only feel better they’re soft. The pain has dropped from an 8 on the pain scale to a 4!!! I found this in Oregon they had only 2 bottles…I bought both of them!!! Wish they had the 8oz size but I am happy with the product! Thank you for this product.I’d like to try the extra strength too.

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