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Nourishing essential oils are added to our moisturizing cream, creating a soft, silky lotion that hydrates, brightens, and replenishes your skin.

What is it?

Moisturizing body cream that provides ultra hydration to eliminate dryness and prevent premature aging with notes of citrus to engage the senses.

What does it do?

The moisturizing properties of our Everyday formula work gently yet effectively to hydrate skin, leaving you soft, smooth, and supple from head to toe. The all-natural plant extracts work to clarify and heal even the most sensitive skin.

How do I use it?

Smooth cream all over your body, concentrating on dry areas such as elbows, knees, and feet. Apply after showering and each time you wash your hands to trap in moisture. For facial care, use Everyday Face & Body Oil. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

Our Everyday product line uses all-natural plant extracts to provide continuous hydration without causing irritation. Gentle enough to be used throughout the day, every day, the uplifting citrusy scent engages your senses while restoring your skin. We use only food-grade essential oils. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Mandarin – moisturizing, brightens skin

Geranium – de-congests clogged pores, heals scars

Cedar – antioxidant, soothes skin

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

Total Cannabinoids

8oz | 160MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

2oz | 40MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

What should I expect?

Aroma: citrus, woody

Product texture: medium-weight cream

Skin feel: hydrated, softened

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Everyday Body Creme

  1. Review by Demi Le

    I wanted to love this product but it’s just way too watery for a body “cream”. It spreads like a watery consistency and I have to put on 2-3 layers on drier parts of my skin. Other than that I absolutely love the scent and it doesn’t irritate my eczema at all! This might be a good product if you’re just looking for something super lightweight.

  2. Review by SALLY COOPER (verified owner)

    I love Apothecanna’s products so recently started using this lotion as a moisturizer after showering. I like to believe it elevates my mood, while helping my skin.

  3. Review by Val (verified owner)

    This lotion not only smells amazing, it does wonders for my joint and muscle pain. I use this on my body nightly in combination with the calming creme around my neck and shoulders, and the extra strength creme on my hands and feet. I am pain free, relaxed and am actually sleeping well for the first time in a very long time! 4 stars because I wish it were a bigger size or a teensy bit less expensive. Overall, LOVE tho! 💜💜💜

  4. Review by Emily (verified owner)

    We moved back to Colorado about 6 months ago and my hands have been a disaster– thick, rough red knuckles, peeling cuticles, old looking skin. I recently bought some of the Apothecanna Extra Strength Relieving Cream for my mother-in-law who has various pains, and I got a little one for us to try. Good stuff for pain relief, smells a bit like Ben Gay. I noticed when I used it that the skin on my hands seemed a lot better. So I looked for an everyday lotion, and happily discovered the Apothecanna Everyday Creme. It is amazing My hands totally healed in just a few days. Seriously. They are all smooth and happy now. And it smells amazing. My husband loves it too, he rubs it on his rough hands every night (which crack from working in the winter cold) and not only does it heal them but he smells his hands and smiles every time. It’s a citrus cedar geranium scent, great for men or women. AND I have even been putting the creme on my face, which I never do (lotions and creams have always made me break out) and after a couple of weeks of use the skin on my face is smoother and moisturized without any breakouts. Truly wonderful stuff, SO worth the price.

  5. Review by Paul W (verified owner)

    I really like the Everyday Creme. It’s hydrating but not too heavy. I use it on my face from time to time. The smell is awesome (same as the Everyday Oil). It’s an sweet citrusy orange type smell that I really like. I definitely recommend it.

  6. Review by Susan “Sparky” Allen (verified owner)

    The Everyday lotion is so wonderful that everybody should buy it immediately. It works for arthritis, it works for sciatica, it works for lower back pain, and I guarantee it will improve your sleep. Another plus, carry the small size bottle in your carryon luggage (put it with the baggie of liquids). It is very helpful for generalized aches when sitting in airports and on planes. I also was glad to have it for my feet after a recent three hour hike on lava rock. Ow.

  7. Review by SJ (verified owner)

    After spending hundreds of dollars on prescriptions/creams/dermatology visits I tried this for psoriasis/eczema and have been amazed at how well it works. Provides instant relief from itching and helps immensely with inflammation. It’s gentle enough to use on a child, and extremely effective. Also very soothing on scrapes/minor cuts.

  8. Review by Tami (verified owner)

    I had neck surgery 7 years ago and have never been without pain. This lotion has been a god send to me. I love all the lotions for immediate pain relief, but this one is my favourite scent. I mean it when I say it offers IMMEDIATE pain relief.

  9. Review by sherrill g. (verified owner)

    Does’nt cure pneuropathy but it helps. Good product.

  10. Review by Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am in my 30’s and have had rheumatoid arthritis nearly my entire life. I hate depending on opioids when I want to function during the day. I honestly didn’t have much hope for this product going into it. I used it one night, all over my knees, after being on my feet all day at work. I woke up a few hours later. The pain was gone. I’m now hooked for life. I’ve told all my arthritis friends!

  11. Review by Kelsey (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 23. Just out of curiosity I had my mom pick some of this amazing lotion up. Now, almost 30, I’ve tried just about everything and this lotion gives me so much relief. I’m a true believer in this and will continually purchase this lotion. Thank you for this wonderful lotion!

  12. Review by AnneBalboa (verified owner)

    I absolutely love ALL Apothecanna products! The everyday lotion feels creamy and goes on smooth. Quick absorption leaves No greasy afterthought. The scent is gender neutral(my husband loves it too) yet, clean and woodsy. I live in Colorado where dry skin is a constant battle. The everyday lotion provides long term moisture! I look forward to using it with every application.

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