• Extra Strength Body Creme | CBD Lotion | 8oz and 2oz | Apothecanna
  • Extra Strength Body Creme | CBD Lotion | 8oz | Apothecanna
  • Extra Strength Body Creme | CBD Lotion | 2oz | Apothecanna

Extra Strength Body Creme

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We doubled the dose of plant power from our original Relieving line and added it to our moisturizing anti-inflammatory cream to relieve even the most stubborn aches and pains with maximum coverage and quick absorption.

What is it?

Extra strength, moisturizing cannabis lotion loaded with healing, anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

What does it do?

Our Extra Strength formula provides powerful relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, migraines, and carpal tunnel as well as short-term setbacks like strains, sprains, cramps, bruises, and sun and wind burn. Cooling and invigorating, perfect for use on sore muscles, swollen joints, and weather-exposed skin.

How do I use it?

Massage into areas of pain and discomfort. Use standalone or combine with Extra Strength Body Oil during massage or body work for targeted pain relief and muscle relaxation. Try refrigerating for an extra refreshing sensation after sun or physical activity. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

Our Extra Strength product line packs double the active ingredients of our original Relieving line to give you the most rapid rebound possible. The moisturizing cannabis lotion provides maximum coverage. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Arnica – heals bruising, relieves sprains

Peppermint – soothes skin, reduces inflammation

Juniper – reduces swelling, soothes nerves

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

Total Cannabinoids

8oz | 400MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

2oz | 100MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

What should I expect?

Aroma: minty

Product texture: medium-weight cream

Skin feel: soft, cooling

Reviews (229)

229 reviews for Extra Strength Body Creme

  1. Review by Mary Nicknish (verified owner)

    My husband end I have been using the extra strength for a while now and both agree it relieves our aches and pains which we both live with every day. We do a lot exercise so have painful calves, lower back and hamstrings. This stuff works instantly to calm these muscles down!

  2. Review by Bria Anais

    I got this for my father’s birthday because he has been developing a severe form of arthritis.
    Not even under an hour and he’s already running around the house as happy as can be.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Review by Sara Thompson (verified owner)

    I love this cream. I have been using it for years on snowboarding knee and wrist injuries. It also helps relieve pain in knots in my back! It smells great, and I love the slight tingly sensation you get from the peppermint.

  4. Review by Heather (verified owner)

    I honestly don’t know how this works so quickly but it does. I bought this a year ago and then it sat on my night stand for 3 months. One night I got into bed and after riding bike, my knees ached so bad I couldn’t fall asleep. I remembered I had the cream so I rubbed it on and no lie, I felt it instantly. It didn’t take it away completely, but it worked enough to be able to fall asleep. I buy these for my friends now and they are repeat customers 😁

  5. Review by Jane Howard (verified owner)

    I have a lower back issue from working 35 years as a nurse in the emergency room, often times lifting and moving heavy items which resulted in herniations of vertebrae. I tried conventional treatment of steroids and pain medications with minimal relieve, I had numbness radiating down my left leg into my foot. I did not want to undergo surgery as I’ve seen to many failed back surgeries in my career. After visits to chiropractor I had notable relief, I continue to has some lower back pain. I tried this product with great success. I no longer take any oral pain medications. When I have a flair up I apply this lotion and experience relief. I have retired from work and am able to play golf several days a week without discomfort. This product is amazing.

  6. Review by Teri Doherty (verified owner)

    My husband has neuropathy and this is truly the only medication he can use on his leg for the pain.

  7. Review by Dana G.

    This cream is nothing short of incredible. I can’t personally use it because of the strong scent and my bloodhound nose. I do always keep it on hand for my husband, he works in construction. He didn’t want to take any opiods or muscle relaxers when he pulled out his back so I told him at least let me use this. He was in a lot of pain and couldn’t even bend to tie his shoes. I rubbed this on him twice in between a few hours the first day and then once the next day before bed. He woke up the third day and the pain was gone! I use papa & barkley and I knew that topicals can work but the results from this are amazing! I’ve given small amounts of this to other people and they also have had quick and amazing results. I’m so impressed by this product, we will keep it in stock at our house.

  8. Review by Steven Moore (verified owner)

    Great stuff I feel and pulled a tendon in my leg and had extreme tightness put some cream on eased the tightness and I healed up faster then expected the doctor asked if I used anything I showed him the cream and he’s now interested

  9. Review by Jean McDaniel

    The extra strength body creme is spectacular. I have burning nerve pain on one thigh from cancer. As I was spreading the creme on my thigh, pain was “erased” instantly. Places with no creme still hurt. I covered the area with more creme. I use it every day and have no more pain. I was skeptical before. My skepticism is erased now, too, along with the pain.

  10. Review by Teri (verified owner)

    My husband had to have his leg opened up from his knee to almost his ankle on both sides of the leg. The extra strength lotion is the only thing he can use for the terrible nerve pain. I rub his leg every evening and with in minutes the leg starts relaxing and he gets more comfortable. I dont know what we would do with out this lotion.

  11. Review by Janie MacLeod (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. It works almost instantly. I am an RN that also takes care of a dance troupe backstage. I tend to all kinds of injuries. I always keep this in my toolbox. There has not been one that said this didn’t offer almost immediate relief. Thank you for this marvelous product!

  12. Review by MzBlackwidow (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I use for arthritis pain as well as back pain and for my Deterating disk disease in my neck. I’ve tried many products and this is the only one the relieves the pain and inflammation. I recommend to anyone that suffers the way i do and I recommend to you as well. Well worth the price. A tiny bit goes a long ways.

  13. Review by Christine Layton (verified owner)

    These products are amazing! It allows me to walk! I have severe scoliosis, and had the 1st surgery at age 14. I also have cellulitis in my hands. It is the only tjing that heals it, including prescription topical medication. Thank you so much for everything!

  14. Review by Lisa (verified owner)

    I have been using the extra strength body cream, oil and spray for pain and it is amazing! I usually mix the cream and oil together and it works great!!! I gave samples to relatives and now they are all customers!!!

  15. Review by Judith (verified owner)

    I love all three Apothecanna products I use and am forever grateful to the friend who told me about them. I use this one on my lower back and hip area after showers and before bedtime. It’s very healing and I don’t have to use a lot in each area.

  16. Review by pavel

    It was great for reducing pain and bruising after a bike accident. 5 stars!

  17. Review by Tatee (verified owner)

    Dealing with Neuropathy in my legs and spinal disorders I had my serious doubts about a lotion doing anything at all. This worked the very first time I used it. Granted it didn’t last as long as I would of liked but using it more and more it now seems to last much longer and I can at least sleep a little better at night. I will continue to use this as long as I can. Thank you for making this!

  18. Review by Barbara Pfleger (verified owner)

    Lupus, RA, Fibro, Neuropathy. Lessens the pain in my feet so I can walk and allows me to continue working. I am thankful for this.

  19. Review by Grandy Lawrence (verified owner)

    I found this by accident . I went to the local store to buy something my neighbor bought for his mother’s knee pain but they were out of that but said they had just gotten this new product in and did I want to try it. So I did and I have been ecstatic ever since. I gave samples to everyone who said they were in some kind of pain. I have to say that not everyone said they go relief. Could be that I didn’t give them enough of a sample. Finally, I started giving the small bottles as gifts! Almost everyone has become an avid user. I let my daughter and son-in-law try it and they immediately wanted to order some and continue to advocate for it. I bought it for my feet. They get sort of numb and tingly and I was waking up in the middle of the night and would spend 2 hours trying to get my feet to calm down so I could go back to sleep. The first time I tried this my feet stopped feeling that way immediately and I put on my socks and sleep peacefully all night every night now!! What a relief. During the day, if my hip or my leg start bothering me, I put on the cream and in a few minutes the pain is gone. It is ever so much better than taking pain killers all the time. I can stop the pain at the site without drugging my whole body and affecting my head too. Thank you so much and please don’t stop producing this product. I am 80 years old and at me age aches and pains creep up here and there all the time. This keeps me pain free so easily it’s a miracle!!

  20. Review by Leatha (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of healing that is packed into this body cream. Initially, I used it to help heal a bad bruise that was very uncomfortable. It speeds up healing and helps relieve some of the pain. Loved it. I continue to use it for all types of skin and body issues. Recently my husband’s sciatica in his lower leg was really giving him pain. After using the body cream, he was amazed that he felt considerable relief in 10 minutes. This “stuff” is MAGIC! Totally love it. We’re hooked for life.

  21. Review by Karen (verified owner)

    I used this first on my neuropathy to see if it would work, well pretty soon I was using it on my neck from being on a computer all day. Work in the garden after muscles are sore especially after first time for the season. I have people coming into my office asking to use it. I could keep on going but I won’t. I just bought the 2oz bottle to see if it works. Now I buy the 8oz bottles because I use it all the time. I have all different kinds of arthritis and it truly does work.

  22. Review by Tess (verified owner)

    Was in a pretty gnarly car accident last night and am experiencing neck/back/chest pain. I just ordered this through eaze this evening. I felt immediate relief. Obviously there is still pain, but this creme helps relieve a lot of it. Thanks, Apothecanna! Definitely recommend for a natural pain reliever.

  23. Review by JC (verified owner)

    I have 3 herniated discs in my neck and have experienced chronic pain sometimes to the point of debilitating for years with no relief. After using this only a few times to start and now regularly- I am completely blown away! My pain is gone–including nerve pain! To me, this product is a miracle worker!
    Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!

  24. Review by Andrea (verified owner)

    I was in a car accident and was diagnosed with a concussion. I had the WORST headaches for months and this cream was the only thing that gave me any sort of relief. If I have any aches and pains I put the cream on and I’m feeling better.

  25. Review by Amber (verified owner)

    I had medial epicondylitis surgery on both my elbows years ago and I suffer from nerve pain during pressure changes. I also have arthritis in my fingers do to my job (pharmacy) A coworker bought me this cream and it is the only cream that I’ve come across to help me control my pain and I’m able to enjoy my daily activities again.

  26. Review by Laurie (verified owner)

    I first found this in Colorado. I have arthritis and also am taking cancer drugs that causes muscle and bone pain. This stuff eases all of it!

  27. Review by April Redbird (verified owner)

    I’m used to pain, I have fibromylagia, bone on bone arthritis, and degenerative scoliosis. As if that wasn’t enough I tore a ligament in my knee- most painful thing ever. I was popping ibuprofen like candy. I got a bottle of Apothecanna for Christmas (best Christmas present ever!) I kept on my bedside table and when I woke up in pain with this injured knee I’d slather it on. Sadly it’s all gone, the knee isn’t healed up yet, as a senior on a fixed income this is a treat. My family paid $75.00 for the 8 Oz bottle, and that’s just not in our budget no matter how much it helps. Wish they have a senior discount.

  28. Review by Nikki Angulo (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain and I first came across this in Colorado at a dispensary. Unfortunately I had to move back to Texas and can’t access medical marijuana anymore. Cbd:Thc oil helped me sooo much. I’m happy atleast this is legal and I can get it in Texas, some days I don’t even need a pain medicine. I tell all my friends about it, and use it on my grandma (I’m her caregiver) it truly helps. It works like magic. By far the best pain lotion EVER. Doesn’t leave you sticky or greasy either. Plus it’s a good scent! Pain relief is instant.

  29. Review by Gabriela Medrano (verified owner)

    I take controlled medication for pain and feel that after taking so much of it, it stops working. After applying this cream I’ve noticed it starts working within the first 10-15 minutes. It’s as if I had taken medication. I honestly did not think something like this could work. I am so deeply grateful I found this cream because it truly works. It’s not like the pharmaceutical creams that are worth hundreds of dollars (which I have paid) and do not seem to work. I highly recommend this cream and believe me you’ll be thankful for giving it a shot.

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