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We’ve chosen our favorite formulas for relaxation and recovery to help you feel better. To sweeten the deal, we teamed up with some of our favorite companies to bring you a Holiday Kit that shows you care about your loved one’s mind, body, and soul.

Extra Strength Bath Soak

Extra strength, fast-acting, ache-and-pain-relieving bath soak formulated with healing essential oils and plant extracts. 50MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

Calming Creme 2oz

Moisturizing body cream fortified with healing essential oils that ease tension and soothe inflammatory skin conditions. 40MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

Calming Oil Rollerball

Our Calming Body Oil, brimming with natural plant extracts known to promote balance and tranquility in a convenient, no-mess rollerball designed for easy transport and precise application. 83MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)


“Our best-selling reusable bag is not just for the grocery store, it goes everywhere and hauls (practically) anything. Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff.”

Brooklinen Silk Eyemask

“Sleeping on our luxurious Mulberry Silk protects skin and hair from friction damage. Our Mulberry Silk is versatile: it’s naturally cool to the touch while possessing a breathable yet insulating fabric, which makes it great for all seasons.”

OPTP Massage Ball

“This soft and small, spikey ball is ideal for self-massage on the feet and across the entire body. It can be used to relieve tension and smooth out connective tissue in tight areas while providing a relaxing, sensory experience.”


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