Apothecanna has introduced the perfect holiday gift (for someone special or for yourself) in the form of their Extra Strength Bath Soak with CBD. Whether you are winding down from a training session or getting into a warm tub after work, Apothecanna’s new Extra Strength Bath Soak is just what you need to kick back and take a breather. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular, with people using CBD in everything from CBD lotion for pain to CBD salve—so why not add it to your next bath?


What Is the Extra Strength Bath Soak?

The Extra Strength Bath Soak from Apothecanna is a sports soak powered by plants. It’s perfect for a post-activity bath, whether you just finished yoga, went on a run, had a workout at the gym, or just took a long walk. Packed with essential oils and mineral salts, this frothy bath soak adds to a soothing bath experience. Consider applying an anti inflammatory cream after use as part of your post-workout routine.


How It Works

Dissolve a packet of Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Bath Soak in a tub of warm water for aromatic clouds, perfect for sudsy soaking. It’s that simple. Soak in the bath for no more than 20 minutes, letting your skin benefit from the essential oils and natural minerals. Pair it with CBDs for anxiety and get ready for a chill evening. You can expect a minty fresh aroma that will leave your skin feeling soft and revived. Ready, set, soak!


Key Ingredients and What They Do

Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Bath Soak is made with natural minerals, the power of plants, and essential oils. Arnica has been known to help with bruising and sprains, while peppermint can soothe your skin and help reduce inflammation. Juniper has been known to reduce swelling while providing a soothing sensation. Dead Sea salt may relax muscles and relieve soreness alongside Epsom salt, which can help reduce swelling. Pink Himalayan salt can increase hydration, while CBD enhances all of the active ingredients.


What Makes Apothecanna Different?

Apothecanna’s ongoing commitment to using natural, plant-based ingredients separates them from other CBD companies. Unlike other brands that use fillers and synthetic ingredients, Apothecanna sticks to ingredients provided by nature. The Extra Strength Bath Soak, for instance, uses plants and minerals, and is non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, and never tested on animals. The soak contains no parabens or waxes.


Apothecanna is committed to spreading the wisdom and benefits of traditional plant medicine. Their products are specially formulated to help you feel your best doing whatever it is you do best. Each product is thoroughly tested for authenticity, purity, and concentration.


Learn more about Apothecanna’s CBD wellness products at www.apothecanna.com

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