Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—have you decided what you’re going to get your valentine this year? While you could go the basic route of flowers, treat them to a nice dinner, or get an over-sized teddy bear, sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the more practical ones.


If your valentine is especially active, putting in hours of effort in the gym, the yoga studio, or the running trails every week, chances are that by Friday, they’re more than ready for a little R and R. Why not stock them up with some wellness, skincare, and post-workout essentials? There are tons of them out there, but here are a few gifts that they’re sure to love and use daily.


Daily Wellness Boosting Essentials 

Much like fitness, wellness is an ongoing routine. You can’t have one green shake and get a good night’s rest once and call it good. For this constant maintenance, your active valentine needs some daily essentials they can use to start their day feeling great and end the night ready for some quality rest. Among the many essentials out there, CBD cream is proving to be incredibly popular for a variety of reasons.


There’s more to the best CBD creams and topical solutions than just the CBD. Make sure that the formula is sound, using botanical ingredients in conjunction with the CBD for a complete wellness-boosting package.


A Rejuvenating Way to End the Day

Is there anything more rejuvenating at the end of a long day than a long soak in a warm bath? When you add in some extra-strength CBD bath soak into the mix, it gets even better. The best bath soak will feature a litany of botanical-based ingredients such as peppermint, arnica, juniper, dead sea salt, and more to help your valentine center themselves and revive after a hard day.


To top it off, the fresh, minty aroma will help ease their senses as they wind down for the night. Although it’s hard to imagine life-force-restoring magic in a single bath, it’s totally possible, and once they try it, they’ll be hooked.


Soothing Must-Have Products

Being active every day can take its toll on the body. Even if your valentine is still young and spry, it can all catch up if they aren’t taking phenomenal care of their body. That’s where soothing essentials come in handy. Whether it’s an anti inflammatory cream or a lotion that keeps their skin in tip-top shape, these wellness products are important.


For Valentine’s Day, go above and beyond and look for premium CBD soothing essentials that’ll have them feeling their best every day. Switching from the usual and upgrading their skincare routine can be a huge difference-maker, and they’ll appreciate your involvement in their wellness.


About Apothecanna

When you read the ingredients label on an Apothecanna product, you’ll know that each ingredient is there for a reason. Apothecanna believes in ingredients with a purpose, which means that essentially every ingredient is “active” in the formula, and you can expect to see results from the formula as a whole. The company is on a mission to spread the ancient wisdom and benefits of traditional plant-based wellness, and they’ve been doing so since their founding in 2009. Apothecanna products are made using premium botanical and wildcrafted ingredients, so you’re getting the best that nature has to offer. In addition, they third-party test all of their products for consistency, quality, purity, and concentration. They offer a variety of wellness essentials, including a CBD salve, body oil, bath soak, and much more on their website.


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