If you’re an active person, you likely have a stack of go-to products to help you recover and perform better. From vitamins to protein powders, these products can make a difference in your active life—but have you considered how CBD topicals could help?


Many people who live active lifestyles choose CBD as the secret ingredient to their success, as it serves a variety of purposes, depending on the application and individual. Some prefer CBDs for anxiety, while others see it as a way to help them with R&R after a big run. Whatever the case, one thing remains constant: Active people prefer Apothecanna’s CBD body care products. Why are they so popular among people who get up and get after it? Here are a few reasons.


Commitment to Plant-Based Ingredients 

One thing that separates Apothecanna from the rest is their ongoing commitment to using natural, plant-based ingredients. While other brands might stuff their products with fillers and synthetic ingredients, Apothecanna sticks with the good stuff nature has to offer, and sources it directly.


Take Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Body Creme, for example. Tons of reviewers say this is their favorite cannabis lotion for pain because it not only delivers an effective amount of quality CBD, but also features plant-based active ingredients like arnica, peppermint, and juniper. All of these active ingredients work in harmony for a product that moisturizes and soothes.


Top-Quality CBD 

Apothecanna has made a name for themselves because of their commitment to quality CBD. They’ve been producing CBD products since 2009—a lot longer than many brands on the market. They were producing CBD products like their CBD salve before it was a national sensation, which is one of the reasons why their quality is second to none.


Aside from producing effective formulas, Apothecanna also puts all of their products through a stringent testing process. Active, environmentally conscious people who are careful about what they put on their bodies appreciate the peace of mind they have with Apothecanna’s natural approach to body care products. With an Apothecanna oil, creme, or spray, you’ll know that you’re nourishing your skin with nothing but quality, responsibly sourced essential oils and CBD.


Products That Fit an Active Lifestyle

Whatever your sport or activity is, there’s an Apothecanna product for you. They pride themselves on the variety of products they offer, each with a specific purpose to help you perform and recover better. From their assortment of CBD cremes and body sprays to their body oil options including Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil, Apothecanna is the go-to source for your CBD body care needs.


Shop all of Apothecanna’s CBD body care essentials at www.apothecanna.com

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