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Double the plant power of our original Relieving formula in a portable spray bottle that assists in soothing hard-to-reach sore muscles, sprains, strains, swollen joints and weather-exposed skin.

What is it?

Extra strength, fast-acting, ache- and pain-relieving body spray formulated with healing essential oils and plant extracts.

What does it do?

Our Extra Strength formula provides even more powerful relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, migraines, and carpal tunnel as well as short-term setbacks like strains, sprains, cramps, bruises, and sun and wind burn. Cooling and invigorating, perfect for use on sore muscles, swollen joints, and weather-exposed skin.

How do I use it?

Spray 1-2 mists on areas of discomfort. Use before and after athletic or strenuous activity. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.

What sets it apart?

Our Extra Strength product line packs double the active ingredients of our original Relieving line to give you the most rapid rebound possible. The handy spray bottle lets you take it everywhere and apply it anywhere. We use only food-grade essential oils. No parabens, no waxes, non-GMO, vegan, non-psychoactive, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Arnica – heals bruising, relieves sprains

Peppermint – soothes skin, reduces inflammation

Juniper – reduces swelling, soothes nerves

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

Total Cannabinoids

2oz | 200MG Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol)

What should I expect?

Aroma: minty, fresh

Product texture: cool, invigorating, quick-drying mist

Skin feel: tingling

Reviews (45)

45 reviews for Extra Strength Body Spray

  1. Review by Ursula (verified owner)

    The spray is a great product for migraines specifically.
    I use it all the time. The spray never loses its potency unlike pain killers. Thanks Apothecanna. You have made my life bearable.

  2. Review by liz (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this stuff, in fact I love all of Apothecanna’s pain management products, including Relieving (which I think is being phased out). I have very severe arthritis in my knees and this spray helps me have my life at all. I’m very grateful for it and love that I can travel with it and that the bottle’s design means nothing leaks while on the road.

  3. Review by Pamela (verified owner)

    I’m in my mid-60s with knee and hip pain. Before gardening or hiking, I spray my knees to prevent soreness. It works! At night, if my hip is achy, one squirt allows me to sleep through the night. I’ve tried about five different brands of CBD pain relief, and this has worked best. Have been a customer for about three years now and recommend it to everyone I know.

  4. Review by Judith (verified owner)

    I only use this on my neck. It dries quickly and really alleviates pain. Durin a period of time when I was having extreme neck pain, I’d wake up during the night and spray mofd on. I could feel a warmth and knew I’d soon feel better and get a good night’s sleep.

  5. Review by SALLY COOPER (verified owner)

    This product is amazing (infinitely better than the cream/lotion) . With a couple of squirts my pain is relieved quickly and the smell is great.

  6. Review by Brandi F. (verified owner)

    I have tried a few tinctures, homemade rubs, cbd flower and dabs, soap, and candy. Nothing helped or reduced my pain. Not noticeably.

    I suffer with peripheral neuropathy, bilateral trochanteric bursitis of the hips, severe CTS, bilateral tendinitis of the elbows, heart disease, arthritis of the spine, and suffer with chronic tension headaches and migraines. So, there is a LOT of pain to get through.

    The first time i was introduced to it, my friend gave 3 sprays to the center back of my neck. My neck pain that had contact was very mild to none for approx. 8 – 10 hours. The sides of my neck that did not have contact had pain about a level 4, getting worse the further from the sprayed area it was.

    Now, it doesn’t always take all the pain away, but it does seem to be able to reduce the pain levels enough that i can usually get some rest.

  7. Review by Casey C (verified owner)

    My dad is in his 70’s and has pain in his knee when he travels. I gave him my pain spray to use on a recent trip to Greece and he said it really helped! He used the rest of mine and has asked me to order him more for him and a friend. Happy to share a product that works really well.

  8. Review by Patricia Taylor (verified owner)

    II have diabetes this stops the pain and craps in my legs and feet in 20 seconds. I have a friend that her tissue is separating away form her ribs. After using many products this one is the only one that helps. I can’t recommend this enough.

  9. Review by Colleen (verified owner)

    My sister bought this and it is great! I have neck issues, migraines, plantar fasciitis. With 10 minutes the pain is gone. I’m not even making this up. I took it on a ski trip and everyone used it for different aches. They are looking up the website to buy their own. I highly recommend it.

  10. Review by Carina legault (verified owner)

    I love this product from first use. I have severe cramp and joint pain every month with my period and this spray is the only thing that gives me some relief! I use it on my neck as well. I gave some to my 70 Parents for their their sore knees and it has really helped them a lot! It’s become a staple in our houses!

  11. Review by kathleen romo (verified owner)

    I should advertise this,,,,I am absolutely so loving this product. I have a bumm knee, since I dislocated twice. Tried everything. But this product took away pain. I am so impressed. I recommend to everyone.

  12. Review by Christine (verified owner)

    I get really bad headaches that stem from tight neck and shoulders. This is the only thing, out of all (and there are lots) the lotions and potions I’ve tried that really works. This saves me. If I can catch the tightening in time – this sometimes keeps me from taking any medicine. It really, truly is magic and I’m thankful to have found it.

  13. Review by Wayne (verified owner)

    This product works beder then my prescription of 5% lidocaine patch spray some of this on your pain it works wonder on my pain & cramps in my legs I love this product i highly recommended if you have chronic pain or cramps thank you 4 this product.

  14. Review by Chip Byas-Ortega (verified owner)

    Found this product on a visit to Colorado 2 yrs ago. This product works so well – I found I did not want to share it… Just a spritz or 2 on a sore shoulder or neck and within in minutes, relief. It’s topical so it works fast. I would love to have larger bottles or refill bottles available?? I love the same product in creamy lotion form but this works faster. 5 Deserved Stars!

  15. Review by Michel M (verified owner)

    Very hesitant to try cannabis products – wondered what side effects would be. But the only effects were PAIN RELIEF!!

  16. Review by Jennifer (verified owner)

    My mom was in a car accident 9 years ago causing rib fractures to the entire right side of her body, leg fractures, plus multiple other injuries. She’s been in cromic pain sense. Nothing helped. Till now. This stuff is amazing. For the first time in 9 years she is pain free! My mom was in tears, I was in trears..Thank you for this wonderful product. It’s truely changed my moms life.

  17. Review by Lisa Shield (verified owner)

    My husband got a bottle of this for my feet but it really worked wonders on my hands and arms which ache after a day at the computer. Highly recommended. My only wish is that you would get a better pump for the bottle. It is really hard to press it and sometimes it squirts a stream of liquid instead of a spray.

  18. Review by Louis Austad (verified owner)

    Nothing has helped and then we found this. She is regaining her life.

  19. Review by Wayne (verified owner)

    WOW Apothecanna extra strength body spray works great it AMAZING ON PAIN. 5 knee replacement and in pain all the time the more I do the more it hearts pain level goes from a 3 to a 8 real fast with stairs involved. Then I gust spay with this AMAZING product and walaw pain is GONE yes yes I love ❤️ this product. If you have pain please give it a try Thank You very very much.

  20. Review by Linda Jaros (verified owner)

    I first purchased Apothacanna Extra Strength Pain relief spray a few years ago….was not sure what to expect . After 35 years in the massage therapy industry, I’ve used many topical pain relief products…..however, none have been as effective as this!!! Thank you for your commitment to producing excellent products!!!
    I especially love that I can put it on and not be concerned with the smell….my clients love that as well…as humanity is still paranoid about cannibis and until they get over their ignorance about it’s incredible value, having a product not smell like cannibis is a good thing for the masses🙏

  21. Review by Danielle (verified owner)

    I’ve had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. At 30 years old, I’ve already had 3 major surgeries on my spine originally starting with a scoliosis surgery. I’ve gone to doctors, pain specialists, osteopaths, etc for almost two decades – each prescribing meds – mostly opioids- stretches, and other potential solutions. While I still have pain each day, this spray has helped me get off of most of my medications, it makes siting all day for work or travel totally bearable and can take my pain down from a 15 (on a 1-10 scale) to a 7 within 15 minutes. I highly recommend it. I generally purchase 20 bottles at a time and love it. I’ve gotten many of my friends, their parents and grandparents using the spray as well. Thank you Apothecanna, you’ve saved me!

  22. Review by V (verified owner)

    It definitely helps a lot with arthritis.

  23. Review by Linda Martin (verified owner)

    No joke! We have bottles of Apothecanna Extra Strength Spray in almost every room. I’ve given at least a dozen bottles of this to friends who are having neck problems, headaches, pain from chemo problems, knee problems, golfers with hand problems. I use it on my neck spasms that are so painful they almost make me go to my knees. I spray, and within 15 minutes, the pain is gone. I’m not sure how it works, but it does because every person I’ve helped with this spray is so grateful.

  24. Review by Gordon (verified owner)

    When I first purchased this product retail I was hopeful it would provide relief. I was due for another steroid shot for tennis elbow. I’m now six months pass due and see no point in getting another shot. It relieves my pain almost on contact. My wife uses it for arthritis pain in her hands. Same results.

  25. Review by Tshaw (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain in my shoulder from rotator cuff damage as well as biceptal tendon damage. I take prescription pain meds for the pain.
    I started using the spray to help ease the pain and it is amazing. My pain level has dropped tremendously. I brought the spray with me to my pain Dr appointment and my Dr has since recommended it to several patients.
    I love this stuff so much. It isn’t greasy and it absorbs into your skin very quick. And the pain relief lasts a long time.

  26. Review by Tina R Bennett (verified owner)

    When I first started ordering this, it was absolutely wonderful. They did make some changes and I was skeptical but I’m impressed with how well it still helps with the pain from my fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes foot pain, neuropathy in my leg, and the torn meniscus in my knee. I really love this stuff!

  27. Review by e (verified owner)

    I buy lots of topicals hoping one will work for the very awful pain in my neck and shoulders and so far, this spray has been the most effective by far. Not only that, it provides pretty much instant relief with the cooling sensation and lasts too.

  28. Review by Harry (verified owner)

    This is a very, very good product. It provides almost instantaneous relief from migraine, muscle pain, joint pain. All of the mentioned irritations I suffer greatly from. I recommend this treatment, despite the hefty price, it value for money.

  29. Review by Kitty Barron (verified owner)

    I have been using this product on pre-cancerous irritations on my face and elsewhere. I apply it at lease twice a day. They dry up and flake off in a few days. I don’t have to go to the dermatologist to get these bumps burned off anymore. I have shared this with other family members and it has worked great for them also. I will always have some of this essential oil in my medicine cabinet. Thanks for a great product. Kitty

  30. Review by Martha T. (verified owner)

    Just fair.., I use CBD oil and it is much more effective. Plus your spray is too expensive

  31. Review by Deb (verified owner)

    I originally purchased this product for my arthritic hands, however, I’ve found that it works very well for restless legs at night. Who knew?

  32. Review by Karen (verified owner)

    Bought this for my brother that has bone cancer ,was having back pain from it in his spine, couldn’t get out of his chair without his cane, 2 sprays and not even 5 minutes later he could get up without his cane, and walking and bending and lifting his knees!!!! So excited for him!! Also tried it on my guys wrist, which need fused and 4 1/2 hours later, and still no pain!! Will definitely be buying more!!!

  33. Review by Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing this for my wife for some time now. She has arthridis in her hands and says that the Apothecanna spray has now made her hands pain free.

  34. Review by JoanneDoherty (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the fast shipping and samples to try! I love the Ahava product!

  35. Review by daniel y. (verified owner)

    The extra strength spray and oil works wonders for my wife’s reactive arthritis. Instead of taking the prescription pain medication which came with a long list of scary side effects, the Apothecanna products provide her with sufficient relief so as to avoid the prescriptions. The Apothecanna products are not inexpensive, but are a good alternative to harmful side effects.

  36. Review by Anonymous (verified owner)

    This spray really, really helps my back and sore joints. I’ve been a hairstylist for twenty-one years and am on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. This stuff really gets me through the day!!

  37. Review by byron g. (verified owner)

    I tried using the spray on my inflamed Achilles heel tendon. But it didn’t do a damn thing to ease my pain. Then I tried spraying it on the wrist of my mother who suffers from acute arthritis. And helped her! Pain was reduced and she was much happier. So, it’s a mixed bag.

  38. Review by Brent (verified owner)

    I have fybromyalgia and chronic back and sciatic pain. This works better then percocet for my neck and shoulder pain. It might take 4 or 5 x using it give it a chance once u get on top of the pain it’s much easier to control the pain. Truly amazing.

  39. Review by Robin (verified owner)

    I’ve used topicals for pain relief in the past but the Extra Strength spray is better than anything I’ve ever used. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and I swear that the relief I’ve enjoyed is long lasting. I’ll be a regular buyer for sure!

  40. Review by Karen W. (verified owner)

    I have arthritis in my wrists and shoulders and this helps me so very much. I’m a hair stylist so, obviously,this has become essential to my daily life!

  41. Review by Norms M. (verified owner)

    I sometimes get deibetic nerve pain in my toes. I spray my toes and get instant relief or sometimes it takes a minute or two. Works slower on arthritis and lasts for servers hours. The first bottle is about gone after two months. So I have a second bottle I just purchased for when it runs out. I highly recommend this. At 72 I know a thing or two about pain. Thanks Apothecanna. The first one I got in LA and could not find it where I live so I ordered it directly on the internet. They shipped it quickly. I have complete trust in their product and online ordering. Try it I’m sure you will love it as much as I and my friends do. Find out what works for you. I use patches and a 180 CBD cream for overnight relief for pain. Nothing works as well on my toes.

  42. Review by judy Teague (verified owner)

    This spray really works.I use everyday works wonders on my joint pains due to RA an lupus pain.

  43. Review by Anonymous (verified owner)

    I use both the Extra Strength Relieving Spray and the ES Relieving Body Creme for a very painful hand due to Muscular Dystrophy. Nothing else has helped, I wish I lived in Colorado and could obtain the real thing! I live in a retirement community and am continually referring people to Apothecanna. It has allowed me to continue quilting and enjoy other hand work.

  44. Review by Karen C. (verified owner)

    I love how well this product works and I’d give it 5 stars. Unfortunately the container continues to be problematic. I’ve wasted lots of product from container leaking.

  45. Review by Tonya (verified owner)

    I’ve been the victim of two inattentive driver accidents. I was t-boned on the left side in. 2012. Later in 2013 I was rear ended, resulting in a whiplash injury. Six Steroid epidurals later,multiple physical therapy and massage appts, I was still in pain. After trying the extra strength essential oil spray, I received instant relief from my pain. This is the real deal! And I will be relocating my residence to take advantage soon.

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